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Hi, I'm just an unimportant, untalented introvert with depressions.
If regardless of that fact you like any of my pictures, feel free to leave your comments and fav's. If against my expectations you like more of my pictures, feel free to give me a watch. Any kind of feedback and responses is appreciated!

What will you find here?
- MMD (MikuMikuDance) Pictures
- Bad amateur smartphone photography
- various other things like OC's (that I can't even draw) or whatever I did that I consider as art
- Game Screenshots

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So I thought my OC's need some super awesome inspiring and beautiful quotes. That's why I'm gonna write down some of them here. Guess I'll update this whenever new ones come to my mind. 

Let's start~

- Mizuki Kurayami -

"I just don't get this world and the humans in it."

"Just because humans think demons are 100% bad, that doesn't mean we have to be 100% bad."

"Risking your life for someone you love? Why? So they have to feel the pain of losing someone? And how do you know they will appreciate it? It's your life, don't waste it like that."

"Bad things are a part of life. If no bad things would happen, we wouldn't appreciate all the good things."

"Being strong isn't when you are able to defeat everyone by using pure violence. Being strong means being yourself and standing up for what you believe in, no matter what."

- Michelle - 

"It doesn't really matter what someone looks like. To me, a real beauty is someone with a kind heart, not someone with a lot of make-up on their face or a lot of muscles on their body."

"It means nothing to have a lot of people around you when there is no one looking after you when you feel down. It's lonely to be on your own, but it feels even more lonely when there are people around you who don't care how you feel at all."

"Caring about others a lot is not bad. However, you should never forget about yourself, your own feelings, your own wishes. As long as you know that, you can care about others as much as you want."

- Joshua - 

"I don't care what anyone thinks about you and I don't care if you are egoistic or whatever. I don't have to love you, but I chose to do so. And this will never change, no matter what." 


MMD Video Links!
So, because I am to lazy to always do a picture for my videos, I thought "Why not do a single post for all of them". I quickly made that crappy picture and well, now I'll list all my vids here and update whenever I uploaded a new one.

Here's the list! (sorted from old to new)

 Lost Time Memory (IA)  New 


Model by ? 
Pose by me
Effects: LikeHDR, SelfOverlay Soft, S5SkinShader, PixelEdgeBlur
[MMD] Alphabet Challenge - D - Demon
Link to the challenge: CLICK

So.. who would have been better for this than my Kurayami? 
And yea, I know, the picture is crappy.. I need to work more with MMD again...



Model by me, TDA and all the creators of the parts
posing by me
background found in google
Effects: shiftglow, PixelEdgeBlur, GotaShader(?), LikeHDR(?), Bleachbypass(?) 

If i forgot something, let me know.

Please don't claim as your own.
Kurayami Update
I didn't change much, she just got new boots. 

Boots are by KlaidAstoria
Pose is by Swatmare 

The rest of the credits can be found here


Please don't claim as your own!


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